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How to become download wakool crossing. An download wakool crossing. He was by then seventy-one years old, and she was seventy-three. A big man, he is wearing a grey suit and a dark tie knotted awkwardly at the collar as he towers over Margaret. His waistcoat shows the Hamilton pocket watch and chain I inherited from my grandmother. Margaret is standing next to Robert, unsmiling. Dressed in dark skirt and top, with her hands clasped in front of her, she has a sad and world-weary look about her, as does he. The other photograph, and the only one of Hazel in the papers, showed her at about age six.

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Remarkably sharp for its era, it was an undated and uncaptioned photo of the large Hood family — Robert and Margaret and nine of the ten living children — positioned as I later learned under a peppercorn tree at their house in Twelfth Street, Mildura. An eleventh child, a boy they named Murray, had died at birth in September The children were ranged around their parents for the picture, and, after a bit of digging and piecing together of birth certificates and a partial family tree from my father's papers, I was able to discern which child was which, including establishing their family nicknames, which seemed to have been important and enduring ones.

The second-eldest child, Richard Dick , aged eighteen, was absent from the photo, presumably because he was at work. As a young man, Dick had toiled as a farm labourer on his father's station, but also helped out on neighbouring farming properties.

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  • Hazel was nicknamed Col by her family — perhaps a contraction of Colleen, deriving from the Gaelic word for young girl. When she was smaller she was called Hadee by her older sisters. In the photo, she can be seen standing closest to her father, who is seated as he holds one of the infant twins, Isabel then nicknamed Diddy, but later Bel , while Margaret, also seated, holds Elsie, the other. The twins look less than a year old, as I knew they must have been, as Elsie died in June , aged 11 months.

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    Their light clothing suggested that the photo was taken sometime in the summer of — Hazel is pulling a face, and her lip is askew as she squints at the camera. A small girl, she has on a white-cotton pinafore with black stockings and strap shoes. Her hair, tied with a long ribbon, is dark and lush like that of her father, a good-looking man of thirty-nine with thick hair and a clipped Chevron moustache. Robert is wearing a black suit, waistcoat, and tie, with his pocket watch and chain in place. Although he has carefully dressed for the photograph, his stout boots are covered in Mallee dust.

    Margaret, a petite, dark-haired woman aged forty-one, is wearing a full-length cotton skirt, a light-coloured shirtwaist blouse with puffed sleeves under an embroidered lace collar, and a white ribbon tied in a large bow under her chin. She is unsmiling, with slightly downcast eyes.

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    At the time this picture was taken, Margaret had already lost a baby in childbirth; within months she would lose the infant on her knee, Elsie, who would die of dysentery. Elsie was not alone. As I later discovered, in in Australia the infant-mortality rate — the number of babies who died before reaching the age of twelve months — was more than in every thousand.

    In some states and territories it reached almost half as much again. A century later it was just five deaths in a thousand births. Standing between Robert and Margaret, with his hands stiffly by his side — as he had no doubt been told to do — is Clarence Mick , almost five. He is dressed, in the way of family photos of the day, in short trousers and a dark chemise with a white Irish lace collar covering his shoulders. At the centre of the photograph is my grandmother, Alice Sis , the fourth-eldest of the children, and already a striking young girl not yet fourteen. She appears in a stylish, white print dress with her dark hair tied back with a large, brightly coloured ribbon.

    Like her older sister, Bessie, she has pinned a small sprig of flowering jasmine on the front of her dress. This was a Scots—Irish family, and their colouring and distinctive looks showed their strong Celtic origins. From my father's papers I learned that Robert Hood's ancestors were Irish, but that his father had migrated to Adelaide from Ayrshire, Scotland in , and that he was born in the little Adelaide Hills township of Gumeracha, one of South Australia's oldest settled areas, in Her parents had emigrated in , and she, too, was born in South Australia, at Millbrook, the nearest town to Gumeracha, in At the time this picture was taken, the Hoods had been living in Mildura for some years, having moved in from Mannum — on the Murray river, not far from Gumeracha — where Robert always known as Bob had started his working life as a boundary rider.

    They had married in Adelaide on Boxing Day, Not for the faint of heart, David Shrigleys black-and-white line drawings with text are dangerously funny and searingly rude. Chances are if you pick this evil little book up, youll struggle to put it down. Jonathan King, Jim Stott.

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