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Umm is the perfect reference for all sorts of public speakers. It will give confidence to those who have never delivered a speech before and will allow those who have done it many times to hone and finesse their skills. More books by this author. ISBN: Write to the Point Sam Leith. Writing a Novel Richard Skinner.

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Talk on the Wild Side Lane Greene. Sounds Appealing David Crystal. Long Live Latin Nicola Gardini. Census Bureau to make reasonable predictions as to where those trends will head in the future. Read Advertising Age , Variety , and other publications that discuss the themes and campaigns designed by Madison Avenue and Hollywood moguls.

Buzzwords permeate business, industry, health care, and government.

Charles Digart, based in Columbus, Ohio, observes, "The avalanche of buzzwords is never-ending and growing in size and complexity. The frequency of change is compressing at an alarming rate. One way public speakers can stay abreast of this phenomenon while honing their skills in making effective, timely, presentations is to learn the buzzwords in their industry.

If you want to be successful in speaking to bankers, then immerse yourself in the issues and affairs of bankers.

  1. The Garden of the Prophet: Kahlil Gibran.
  2. The Templar Master (The Knights Templar Series Book 5)!
  3. Kenilworth (French Edition).

Learn the jargon. Subscribe to the magazines that they read. Expose yourself to the broad array of traditional and emerging terms that bankers know and use or will have to know and use in the future. Likewise, if you choose to speak to manufacturers, club managers, accountants, or yacht captains, you need to know the latest buzzwords in those areas.

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  • Once you become familiar with the terminology, an array of topic ideas presents itself. In the past few years, Dr. Digart notes, a variety of business buzzwords have emerged, each of which carries the seeds of a potential presentation topic. Similarly, in these and other arenas, a host of new terms representing new concepts or variations on old themes continually appears.

    Each of them carries the seeds of potential speaker topic development. Sometimes simply by reviewing such a list for any given industry or drawing up a list of the buzzwords with which you are already familiar, you develop new ideas for presentation topics.

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    If you're going to take the time and energy to develop a topic that you can successfully present to an audience, why undercut yourself by choosing a topic with a short shelf life? Be on the lookout for topics that are in demand today and, with minimal updating, will continue to be in demand in the future. Chapter 4 discusses how to continually stay in touch with developments in your field and on your topics.

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    As professional speaker Bruce Wilkinson says, "Most speakers today look for a single topic that they can sell to a specific market or audience. Tomorrow's speakers are looking for specific topics that they can sell to multiple markets and audiences. Is there a need for this topic in associations and corporations? This is an important consideration because most successful speakers develop a blend of association and corporation business; furthermore, speaking to associations actually enhances your corporate business and vice versa.

    When you speak to local, state, regional, national, or even international associations, audiences are comprised of individuals who come from different organizations, even if they all happen to be in the same industry. As such, a sterling speech to a large association could result in your being scheduled to speak within the corporations of audience members.

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    For the same reason, you increase the chances of developing more association business when you speak to corporate groups. The best way to ensure that you benefit from this cross-exposure is to develop a topic that will work within both associations and corporate markets with minimum modifications. The same logic applies for speaking at partner's programs during a convention. The larger the audience, the greater the potential for spinoff business. Use several titles for the same subject to attract multiple markets. Sometimes merely changing the wording of your presentation titles makes them more attractive to entirely different markets.

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    For example, my presentation on managing information and communication overload is worded so as to attract corporate markets. Essentially the same presentation, retitled "Managing the Pace with Grace," is attractive to local groups, cruise ship audiences, and even as breakout sessions for a spouse's or partner's program at association conventions. Create both a serious and a humorous version of the same topic.

    This is a bit arduous for the aspiring public speaker. If you have been making presentations for a while, however, devising serious and humorous versions won't be too difficult.

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    Consider the topics offered by speaker Joel Blackwell. He speaks on grassroots lobbying and is effective in serving associations that call on members of Congress to get their points across. He can deliver a highly serious presentation on this topic as a keynote address, a breakout session, an executive roundtable, or a half-day or full-day seminar. He is also creative and witty enough to offer this session as a humorous keynote presentation or as a short after-lunch or after-dinner presentation.

    As a result, he is not limited to fixed slots within an organization's conference agenda. Present this topic with and without a handout or audience participant packet. Many public speakers do an adequate job of making a presentation armed with printed materials. Giving a presentation without such aids is harder, but developing that capacity increases the range of venues at which you could be successful. If, for example, a meeting planner requests your services for a luncheon gathering of 1, people, a handout, workbook, or audience participant packet may not be practical.

    Moreover, the levels of enthusiasm, energy, and humor required for such a presentation necessitate that it be markedly different from its counterpart in front of a smaller audience. These issues are discussed in much greater detail, but for now, the point is that flexibility can go a long way in your being hired for speaking at vastly different events, while still addressing essentially the same topic. Wilkinson says, "To be successful in selling today's topics for tomorrow's profits, speakers need to identify each secondary audience before they step onto the platform.

    The public speaker who is on the lookout for topics that he or she can use for presentations to multiple markets and multiple audiences is always cognizant of the value of employing stories, anecdotes, and references that will appeal to diverse elements of society. You know that you have a topic that has broad appeal when it can interest a wide range of groups such as those in government, education, military, and health care.

    Is the topic in the news? Is it in professional journals, the Internet, and magazines? In addition, it is not unprofessional to attend a presentation, workshop, or training session on the topic you have in mind to see if it is something you wish to further develop and pursue on your own.

    To maintain an ethical stance, you would not engage in any lifting of another presenter's material, and you certainly would not violate any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights. Instead, your quest is to gather ideas, from any source, reflect on them, expand on them, and arrange them in some type of sequence.

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