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And this is why he feeds them.

He believes that the little creatures of this world, even the twitchy, terrifying ones, defy our ownership and understanding, and deserve instead our stewardship and kindness. How privileged I am to be here, to be sitting on this bench at all.

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Full Service Venues. Unique Venues. Submit an RFP. Meetings Resources. Request Photos. Sales Team. Meeting Planners Guide Request. Remember when the President indicated he favored a bipartisan immigration reform plan in front of the cameras but then talked about "s-hole" countries behind closed doors? Here we go again, as the news of his recent meeting with NRA officials suggests.

Giving the outraged suburbanites a soundbite to show that he cares, but then counting on the broken political process to make sure that a real gun control bill never reaches his desk for a signature, would be a win-win politically.

The great unraveling: Trump's allies are really worried about him. But how about all the internal White House tensions we are hearing about?

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This, too, is all classic Trump. The President constantly fuels parlor intrigue in a soap opera style nurtured by his days on reality television.

Keep things interesting, adding fuel, then dampen the tensions so that the show doesn't get too boring for viewers. By doing so, Trump ensures there is constant, incessant media coverage of the ins and outs of the White House. It also guarantees that the coverage is about personnel rather than policy.

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As Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation intensifies and creeps closer to the President himself, this is a welcome relief. Better to have news about some kind of fight among advisors than about political corruption. With these kinds of stories, President Trump also asserts that the buck stops with him -- since nobody in the White House feels totally secure that he or she won't be the next person to be voted off the island. Follow CNN Opinion. The biggest surprise these days is not what happens in the White House but the way that this presidency is covered. Despite the fact that there has never been a period of "normalcy" since January , other than a few days here and there of quiet, everyone keeps expressing surprise at discovering the turbulent state that the administration is in.