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If you don't know how to find these, you shouldn't be attempting it.

Politics and school. The anthropological dimension

Surf safely! And remember - a VPN is just a pretend really long network cable. By , there are expected to be more than billion devices connected. They also have a range of Connected Objects and speak English not a lot, but enough! The lighting system from Philips that's getting towards what I'd like And of course, the build it yourself option with the Arduino Micro from Sparkfun and the Femtoduino We held the first Pangloss Labs Internet of Things meetup on the 23rd of February in Eaux-vives. Those of us within it see things happening all around, with the possibilities only expanding as access to knowledge and digital fabrication methods grows.

Go forth and Make something - and you'll improve us all while you are at it! You don't need to be an expert - just bring an object and tell us how you'd like it to be connected or not! I chose the Impact Hub location because it's interesting to get a view of air quality, pollution and noise just behind Gare Cornavin.

You can see the data at the data canvas website. The Geneva map basically goes from the Jura to the Saleve. You'll need to use google translate or the Chrome browser which has google translate built in to read the Norwegian findmysheep. Being more serious, the European Space Agency Technology Transfer program is designed to bring space applications into our daily lives, so if you are a startup company, you'll want to take a look.

You know about the awesome Solar Impulse project, but have you heard of Solar Stratos - using solar power to get to the edge of space? Another local project, as is Swiss Space Systems - who are hiring. We had 41 participants and 37 design ideas for currency design! With only 4 similar ones.

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Here's the presentation from the session: Designing Alternative Currency Systems: Lift conference workshop: from makegeneve. Fablabs are an ideal training ground for students, and a great place for entrepreneurs to test their ideas. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. Have a good week, and remember that according to the original Terminator movie humanity should have been destroyed by now, so we are definitely not in that future. The round table was about Social Innovation. Just watch A round up of wearable technology from Engadget. The Belty smart-belt is easier to see than read about. Pangloss Labs members. Christmas boxes for give-aways. Thank You Card design by Cricut. Or just come up with some crazy idea to help save the world?

How do great thinkers do that? What techniques do innovators use in idea generation?

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Would you like to learn how they do that? Then this MOOC is right for you! You can see the talk in it's entirety right here. Good news in that social charges have reduced, and a new requirement for using online tools for uploading your accounts if your turnover exceeds a certain threshold. One good way to know your personality is to take a test about it.

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LA SCIENCE DE L'ENRICHISSEMENT - #1 : Le droit d'être riche - Wallace WATTLES /STOUPY

Technology can't yet stop you eating but it can help with the moving, so here are some of the fitness trackers you can get from Fitbit , Withings and Jawbone. Prices start from around 65 CHF. Or you can just use an app for your smartphone like Moves but then you must carry your smartphone all the time.

Idéologies du développement et développement de l'idéologie - Persée

If you put it down it won't track your steps. If you want to hack your life then If This Then That is the site you need. Plenty of wearables. As expats living on an international border having multiple incoming phone numbers in different countries can be useful.

Africa: French or English?

The best place to try 3D printing is your local hackerspace. Post Tenebras Lab in Geneva has an open evening each Tuesday. Fixme in Lausanne has an open evening each Wednesday.


The city in France where Voltaire has a statue and a castle! Somewhere around m2, we need a mixture of atelier for the ecological fablab and conference room. If you know of anything, please let us know. I wanted to see if a FabLab was a useful tool for building a new way to manufacture open source hardware. This documentary gives you an overview in 35 minutes of what I spent 8 days immersed in. Que demander de plus? Our concept was further developed between and for the appraisal of the geodata. The reason for the modification of our archival methods is directly related to the provenance of the geodata and the interdependences between different geodata: A geodata producer only delivers data to the SFA which the agency itself has created.

Yet that geodata is at best based upon geodata that another authority created Example: thematic geodata, such as cadastral data or environmental data, etc. That is why it was important to involve all the federal authorities that produce the geodata.

All in all there were georeferenced data produced by the federal authorities as well as additional 80 thematic geodata, which were needed to fulfil some federal tasks, gathered and evaluated together. Geodata are an indispensable part of our information society and are needed in relevant practical issues not only in governmental activities and administration but also for business, education and research.

Krystyna W.

As social structure become more complex and social archives consciousness has been improved, the scales and types of people, who relate to archives management activities have also increased, and the social environment is more open and culture environment interact more frequently. As a result, archives activities become more frequently and diversity, so the archives management ethical relation between archivists and other people is been changed in such circumstance.

Under such background of modern society, the archives management ethical relationship is not only means to the internal cooperative relationship that is based on division and cooperate, but also reflects in ethical relationship between archives and other relative institutions, which we called responsibility ethics.

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Our research begins with relevant concepts, the importance of the responsibility ethics and its key elements, and then we summarize it into seven aspects: the value relationship between archives and governments based on interactive and dependent on each other; the game relationship between archives and brother institutions as library, museum etc.

At last, we will share a case with you in order to give you a visual impress of our research. When archives strength those above relationships with relative institutions, benefit problems have been arises at the same time. Our research strive to know the ethical relationship between archives and other institutions, which is not only helpful to realize social responsibility ethics of archives management, but also helpful to maintain social justice.

He is interested in archival culture in digital era as well as the research on value of archives.