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Besides a passport for everyone on board, you will need your boat's license number and User Fee Decal number. Customs enforces USDA guidelines for what foods are acceptable to bring into the country and these guidelines are constantly changing so it is best to check in with them before arriving. Boaters are responsible for knowing the prohibited foods and can be fined for not declaring them. The Puget Sound region offers a wide variety of guest marinas throughout the area. Check city listings for specific marina information.

Nothing separates the tourist from the local on the ferry system more than car alarms. Please make sure yours is off if you leave your car to enjoy the view from the deck. Most car alarms detect movement and will be activated by the movement of the ferry and you will be asked to return to your car. Washington State Ferries is the largest system of ferries in the country and they are the key to successfully navigating Puget Sound.

Many ferry destinations are not islands without a bridge, but peninsulas where going by land would involve a very long detour. Only five and a half miles via the ferry, becomes a whopping miles km traveling by car! There are also some county-run ferries to smaller destinations such as to Anderson Island and Guemes Island. Outside the main cities public transportation is scarce and is not of much use for extensive sightseeing, so renting or arriving by car is advisable. Although distances can be long, most roads are paved and well-maintained.

Be aware of distances between gas stations and plan accordingly when traveling in rural areas. Most ferries accept vehicles and utilizing them is key to navigating the area. Regional transit systems tend to be organized by county however they are often interconnected to cover larger areas and some are coordinated with Washington State Ferries, with each other for one to arrive within minutes of the next one leaving and have many coordinated pickups at Seatac airport.

Not the fastest way to travel but efficient and cheap for the budget traveler and are the only way available in the more rural areas west of the Puget Sound.

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See the below:. Along West Side of Puget Sound With the exception of the Dungeness Line, the county operated transit systems are the only way around the Olympic Peninsula without a car on the west side of the sound. Along East Side of Puget Sound The eastside is more populated and therefore, offer more frequent schedules on more routes. If you're trying to get from Olympia to Port Townsend, Bremerton or Widbey Island it would be quicker to get a series of buses up into Seattle and taking the ferry across than the buses along the west side of the Sound. The Kitsap Peninsula is almost an island attached by a relatively small landmass near Belfair , its complex coastline dominates the Puget Sound area between Hood Canal and the Main Puget Sound Channel.

It is home of several cities and towns and is accessible by the Tacoma Narrows Bridge near Tacoma and the floating Hood Canal Bridge giving access on the northern end to the Olympic Peninsula and to several ferry terminals giving access from Seattle and Edmunds.

What Puget Sound beaches lack in white sand and warm water is more than made up for in the amazing scenery as the clear waters play against wild coastlines and snow peaked mountains scatter on the horizons. The areas many State Parks are an excellent place to start a beach combing adventure offering miles of beaches from the rugged to the sandy smooth.

Sailing from The San Juan Islands to Mexico

Small crabs, moon snails, sea stars and sand dollars are common sites and tide pools can offer hours of exploration. Sea shells and driftwood are considered part of the natural environment and should not be removed, however the often rocky and wild shores are havens for creating and revealing beach glass and anything artificial found is fair game for removal. Be respectful of private property and gentle with sea creatures. Keep a wide distance away from nesting birds, seals and other shore animals and always put back anything removed from the shoreline.

Puget Sound offers some of the best recreational boating in the world. Breath taking views of the snow capped Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges along with glimpses of Mount Rainier mingle with thick forests and clear bays and streams to create a humbling cacophony of natural sights. Carved by ancient glaciers, Puget Sounds intricate and complex waterways provide endless opportunities for exploration while the many harbor towns built on protective bays cater to boaters and provide an wide array of services, restaurants and shops.

The Puget Sound is a destination celebrated by sailors from around the world. The scenery around Puget Sound can be so amazing that it borders on the surreal and could only possibly be appreciated more from the deck of a boat under sail. From isolated moorages in such places as Blake Island State Park to historic harbor towns with fine restaurants, museums and shopping all accessible from convenient harbors.

Visitors to the area will often be treated to the sight of a flotilla of sailboats on Puget Sound as local yacht clubs organize events that sometimes attract hundreds of sailors. Sea kayaking can be a rewarding way to explore the Puget Sounds miles of coastline allowing the paddler a closer and slower look at their surroundings and making Puget Sound a popular area to sea kayak.

Both urban and rural areas offer their own rewards and many organized tours are available in different areas. Organized trails offer overnight camping options and maps of appropriate travel lengths and scenic travel destinations. For thousands of years native Salish tribes navigated these waters in small, well designed wooden boats and many of these trails were developed along their same paths. Diving the cold waters of Puget Sound takes a bit more gear and training than other warm water locations, but the rewards are incredible. The area contains some of the best diving in the world and many areas are accessible from the Kitsap Peninsula.

Many dive sites are completely covered with colorful sea creatures that defy description. Giant Pacific Octopus are common, along with friendly wolf eels. Colorful sponges, sea cucumbers, sea stars, soft corals, anemones and fish can be seen on nearly every dive. The state has offers a guide to parks with launch sites here.

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The Puget Sound region offers top of the line restaurants squirreled away in almost every neighborhood Pacific north westerners have high expectations from their food. The Pacific North West is perhaps best known for its salmon, but a large variety of other seafood is available in the area. Oftentimes seafood comes in short bursts with seasonal migrations such as the areas fall Salmon runs available for only short amounts of time so watch closely for seasonal specials in restaurants and markets.

Shellfish are the prized resources of the Puget Sound, the cool, clean waters provide some of the finest shellfish habitat in the world. The Dungeness Crab is a popular seafood prized for its sweet and tender flesh and high ratio of meat. Its common name comes from the port of Dungeness , Washington where the first commercial harvesting of the crab was done.

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The Dungeness Crab is a commercially important crab in the state of Washington's territorial waters and was the first shellfish harvested commercially in the area but other crab species are also common. The areas mild climate, rich soil and abundant water resources have created a bountiful climate for the many varieties of fresh produce available across the region.

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Farmers markets are common in both urban and rural areas and a great way to experience local culture as well as experience local foods. Few, if any, American regions can challenge the Pacific North West's love of coffee. According to a group of industry market researchers, there were an amazing 1, coffee shops in the Puget Sound region in , ranking it the most popular coffee region.

It is not surprising that such coffee giants such as Starbucks have exported the Pacific Northwest's coffee culture around the globe. Microbreweries and beer in general are a Northwest specialty, and the area has many to offer for beer enthusiasts. The larger brewers, like Redhook and Pyramid, distribute their products regionally or nationally like their coffee cousins, while other brews can only be found in local stores or bars some notable brewers don't even bottle their product.

Ask your servers for local beer recommendations and search out regional microbrews in stores. Dear Editor, It is disturbing to me that three public hospital district commissioners on San Juan Island hope to effect change To the Editor: This letter is a demand to the outgoing members of the majority of the Board of the San You may have seen the TV ads OLYMPIA — Just like shopping, prepping the turkey and checking kick-off times before a big holiday gathering, the key to smooth Thanksgiving travel is The Department of Licensing staff comes John Ness who began the service in The most popular film of the 31 feature films at the Friday Harbor Film Fest this SEATTLE — Washington State Ferries is hosting a round of community meetings through a new, online webinar in order to share the latest information and engage people in ferry-served communities from Tacoma to the San Juan The first round of vehicle reservations for Washington State Ferries winter sailings will go live at 7 a.

Tuesday, Nov. Daylight saving time ends at 2 a. Sunday, Nov. Washington State Ferries full sailing day of Saturday, Nov. Terminals and vessels will turn their clocks back In early October, the trustee administering the nationwide SEATTLE — Washington State Ferries has initiated use of a whale alert app and web-based system this week that will provide ferry captains more accurate and updated location information for southern resident orcas and other whales Wolverine Football, boys soccer and girls soccer all are headed home after their seasons ended Saturday, November 16 with defeats at the state playoffs Matt put together 30 photos from the Wolverines Fall Sports Season - football, boys tennis, soccer, volleyball, pep band, and cheerleaders.

Hope you enjoy. Friday Harbor's girls and boys state soccer matches are set for Saturday, Nov 16 at opposite ends of the state.

The Wolverine girls play the The Wolverines advance The Wolverines advance as The Wolverines next The Friday Harbor Wolverines after a hard fought battle with the Concrete Lions, at Concrete, subdued them with a score of In the The Wolverines fumbled the ball three times yet San Juan Island kids had a half-day at school on Friday, October Island Rec needs people willing to work Beginning September Roman Miller, beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, pastor, and friend passed from death to life November 10, surrounded by his loving family.

He leaves behind his wife of 50 years, Kay; his children, Karl Christine passed peacefully in Friday Harbor, WA with her son by her side. She loved horses and Joan Pedrick was an incredible force of compassion, loyalty and strength who lived her life based on an indelible commitment to justice. Robert Salem Crowder passed away at his home in Tiburon early Saturday morning on September 21, Bob, the week before, had celebrated his 95th birthday with his closest friends and family, including his great grandchildren Don was 95 years old.

A memorial will be held in the spring at Ernies Cafe at the airport.

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  7. Also, a missing Jack Picconi, 75, passed away Sept. John S. Willis passed away on September 20, at age 79, following severe heart problems. Family and friends mourn the loss of Irene Renie Taylor Vandersluys who passed September 21, just months before her th birthday. She was a year resident of San Juan County. Her parents immigrated from England to She grew up at Lake Campbell and attended local schools. Thelma married Darrell Wayne Palmer in , and He was born on October 14, in Seattle, Washington.

    He was the youngest of two children to She passed away peacefully on August 25, in Friday Harbor The night of her death was calm, warm and dry and