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A Pilot. A Passanger. Answer these questions:. Ans- No, a train can not move anywhere. It has to move on the rail. Identify these means of transport and write their names:. Match these vehicles with their names:. Make a toy train using empty matchboxes.

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Post a Comment. Read more. July 31, July 16, Chapter- 8 Flying High Choose the correct answer: 1. We see birds a. On trees b. In water c. On the ground d.

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How do birds give birth by? Directly birth of babies c.

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Both d. None of these 3. Which of these birds stitches leaves together to make nest? Parrot b. Tailor bird c. Showing Average rating 3.


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Sort order. Start your review of From Here to There: a father and son road trip adventure from Melbourne to London.

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The author and his 19 year old son, Jack, pulled off their goal of Australia to London by motor vehicle, though the project was nearly derailed entirely at a few points. They begin by ship to Timor Leste East Timor to see how that new nation has recovered from years of brutal Indonesian occupation, and then on through Indonesia and southeast Asia to China - which takes up a large part of the story - and then west through Mongolia, the 'Stans, Iran and Turkey.

Most of the book is narrated by Jo The author and his 19 year old son, Jack, pulled off their goal of Australia to London by motor vehicle, though the project was nearly derailed entirely at a few points. Most of the book is narrated by Jon Faine, in a manner strongly reminiscent of Michael Palin with an Australian accent. Jack makes a few comments here and there, as well as reading a couple of long sections from his point-of-view late in the saga.

Jon's reading was quite clear, but the first half of the book seemed rather dull to me. I confess that I was a bit turned off by his interjection of so much politics, such as his French friends who were "in exile" in Asia in despair over Sarkozy's election, etc. Ho Hum. Jon has a sense of humor - his depictions of food, regulations, and such, are sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. However, there are times where his pessimism over poverty, etc. Bottom line: he and I wouldn't likely be pals, but I give him credit for his accomplishment. I couldn't really get a handle on.

I'd thought he was much younger until his actual age was mentioned. On the one hand, he's mentioned as having traveled extensively himself, but on the other, he sometimes seems overwhelmed by the situation.

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There's a scene in Turkmenistan? If he were really that inept, they'd likely never have made it as far as Darwin! I fast forwarded through his longer sections as he seemed to mumble to me. I'd recommend the book as the story of a unique experience, although the parts didn't make a cohesive narrative for me. Sep 21, Ryan rated it liked it. No disputing a remarkable journey. At times the book can get a little bogged down in the logistical nightmares of crossing countless land border-crossings. Can feel like the cultural insights get a little substituted for logistical complaints but then again, that really would have been the nature of the trip.

Some magnificent imagery to bring life to the words definitely adds value, and makes you feel like a little kid with a picture book again. Sep 03, Pam Saunders rated it liked it. Jon and Jack recently spoke at my son's school and they told a fascinating tale, the audience, myself included, loved it. The book tells much of what was in their talk which is as much about their personalities, relationship and wish fulfillment as the diverse and sometimes wonderful places they visited.

Mar 22, Kim Gosling rated it did not like it Shelves: sv-book-club. This book actually bored me. I didn't get a great sense of jack or the after son relationship. It breezed through most of the countries leaving little or no impression of the culture or people. Not a fan! View all 3 comments. Apr 05, Michele Davis rated it it was amazing. I loved this book! Can't believe they did this trip! Logistical nightmare.

I really felt as I though I was on this journey! Reading this to Helen Interesting, more as a statement on the kind of person he is rather than the trip. Oct 19, Jenny Sharp rated it really liked it Shelves: Nov 18, Yvette marked it as to-read.

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I was lucky enough to meet the author and have this book signed! Looking forward to reading it over the summer. Jess rated it really liked it Mar 28, JT rated it it was amazing Nov 11, Jane rated it it was amazing Jan 20, Felicity rated it liked it Aug 26, Nick Smith rated it really liked it Mar 24, Dominik Nowak rated it really liked it May 07, King Dave rated it liked it Apr 02, Jul 29, Grace rated it it was amazing. I loved every inch of this book. I heard Jon and Jack Faine talk about this book on Sunday Night Safran years ago and had always been interested in finding out more.