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What is the expected problem? Bent platen B. Worn print wires C. Bad ribbon. Worn print wires. To prevent toner from sticking to a laser printer's heat rollers, apply which of the following: A. Alcohol B. Oil C. Ammonia D. If the stactic-elimminator strip is absent or broken in a laser printer what will happen? Nothing, printer will function normally B. Paper jam may occur becuse the paper may curl around the photosensitive drum C. Printer will not print at all.

Paper jam may occur becuse the paper may curl around the photosensitive drum. What part of a Dot matrix printer can burn you? Deflection plates B. Fuser C. Ribbon head D. Pin head. On the PC side, the printer port is a: A. Select the best choice for cleaning laser toner from clothing: A. What does an Inkjet printer use to guide the flow of ink droplets? High pressure air.

Heat C. Electrically charged metal plates.

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The print from a dot-matrix printer is sometimes light, sometimes dark. This is most likely caused by: A. With a dot matrix printer, light then dark print is most commonly caused by: A. Erratic paper advancement B. Erratic ribbon advancement C. Misalligned print head D. Overheating print head. Erratic ribbon advancement. What is the first step to safely service a laser unit? Unplug the unit. Check the paper feed. Check for power.

What part of a laser printer cannot stand to be exposed to light? What happens during the transfer phase of a laser printer? Charge is transfered from the paper B. Image is written to the drum C. Image is transfered to the paper D. Charge is transfered to the drum.


Image is transfered to the paper. What happens during the writing phase of the laser printer? Image is written to the corona B. Image is written to OPC drum C. Image is written to the paper D. Image is placed on the developer. Image is written to OPC drum. During what phase of the laser printing process does the corona wire put a volt charge on the drum?

Conditioning B.

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Developing C. Writing D. During what phase of the laser printing process does the toner melt onto the paper? Fusing B.

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Cleaning C. What phase of the laser printing process follows the conditioning phase? Cleaning B. Writing C.


Developing D. During the fusing process, toner is: A. Which component is responsible for moving the ink from the drum onto the paper in the EP print process? The primary corona B. The OPC drum C.

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The laser beam D. The transfer corona. What voltage is used to transfer the toner to the paper in an EP process laser printer?

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  7. Rubber B. Never exposed to light C. Light sensitive.

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    Heat, Pressure B. Heat, Positive charge C. Heat, Negative charge. Heat, Pressure. Which laser printer component formats the print job? Void warrantee B.

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    Cause the print to be lighter than normal C. Cause premature wear to the paper path.