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But all the while development continued and the Russo Brothers barreled towards a Spring production start-date, intense work was happening behind the scenes to bring a surprise character to the table: Spider-Man. Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! Reviews Movie Clips Interviews. Image via Marvel. Previous Article.

Next Article. Latest News. And everyone has their own truth. Vision agrees, citing logic and mathematics to make his point. What I love about the script is that both sides get a good hearing, and both sides have value and merit. I honestly think that both Stark for reasons mostly articulated by Rhodes and Vision and Rogers for reasons Rogers himself gives quite eloquently have good points. Because in the end he sees that the endless cycle of vengeance accomplishes nothing except adding to the body count.

Best of all, though, is that this is an Avengers movie that includes some excellent stuff with the Avengers just being the Avengers. Just as an example, the Avengers were likely the ones to deal with the mess made by Ego on Earth during Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. The movie is not perfect.

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Two rather important facts are never mentioned and should have been. For starters, while the public perception that Maximoff caused tremendous damage when she lifted Rumlow into the air is understandable, the reality is that her doing so saved lives, too. He created Ultron, and everything that happened in Sokovia was a direct result of his hubris. The undercurrent of guilt is there in Robert Downey Jr. Sokovia happened because of Stark, not because of the Avengers.

A hero understands extenuating circumstances, and once again Tony Stark has failed his saving roll versus heroism. This movie is brilliantly acted—everyone brings their A game. The quips and commentary are part of what makes Spider-Man such a great character, and it was so very much missing from prior versions. The returning folks are all equally brilliant. Finally, this movie gives us some of the best superhero action ever committed to film, from the opening against Rumlow to the hero-on-hero fight in the airport to the brutal confrontation among Stark, Rogers, and Barnes at the end.

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More Comments Check for New Comments. Subscribe to this thread Receive notification by email when a new comment is added. Comment Preview. Name Email Comment. Join now! There are no neat, easy resolutions, just hurt feelings and betrayals. Meanwhile, T'Challa confronts Zemo. Zemo expresses his grief over his family, and his regret over killing T'Challa's father before trying to kill himself.

T'Challa stops him. He has seen what vengeance did to Steve, Tony and Bucky, and he wants real justice for Zemo. Zemo is arrested, but knows he succeeded. Tony returns to the mostly-empty Avengers headquarters to oversee Rhodey's physiotherapy. Steve reaches out to Tony in a letter.

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  • He acknowledges and owns up to his mistakes, but does not really apologize for keeping the secret. He does offer an olive branch, a cell phone that Tony can use to call on Steve if he needs the help. Meanwhile, Steve breaks his team out of prison. Civil War is criticized for ending with Steve's letter. Some consider it a cop-out to offer a chance for reconciliation immediately after Steve and Tony's split. Others think the film did not go far enough, refusing to kill any characters like in the comics. I think the ending works well.

    The war was a long time a-brewin'

    The film depicts a family torn asunder, brothers turned against each other. Killing anyone would have made it impossible to credibly repair the damage, to reassemble the Avengers. Repairing a family can be a long and difficult process, but it is usually possible. Plus, there have to be more Avengers films. Captain America: Civil War is a tremendous achievement in blockbuster filmmaking. It culminates eight years and twelve films of characters and relationships to deliver an action-packed, emotionally-resonant superhero film.

    It also directly addresses specific criticisms of the superhero and blockbuster genre, deconstructing the genre that Marvel Studios had perfected to produce a much more mature, interesting, unexpected result. This film realizes the potential of a shared cinematic universe as well as Marvel Studios' commitment to bold, challenging blockbuster filmmaking. They could have made a very successful, conventional third Captain America film. Instead they tore apart the Avengers and opened up the world of the MCU.

    Superman: Dawn of Justice , one of the other highly-successful superhero films of I mentioned that both films were initially scheduled for a May release, but Warner Bros eventually moved Batman v.

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    Superman seven weeks earlier. Both films feature two lead characters from their respective universes fighting each other. Tony and Steve were well-established, and their motivations in Civil War draw from seven previous film appearances. This added not only credibility to their conflict, but an emotional resonance for viewers who felt invested in these characters. Superman , so the audience lacked the same connection to the characters. Even worse, many viewers did not support the characterization of Superman or Batman in the DCEU, adding to the disconnect. The ideological conflict in Civil War is clearly established, and Tony and Steve react in ways consistent with their characters' development.

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    Batman and Superman's conflict is contrived by a supervillain, and never seems logical or credible. Batman v. Superman is clunky and overstuffed, despite featuring only the two titular characters and Wonder Woman. Civil War is breezy and effortless, despite boasting a dozen superheroes.

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    • There are many similarities between the films, but this only accentuates the flaws of Batman v. This was undoubtedly due to the inclusion of so many other MCU characters. Four of Marvel's Phase 3 films directly follow the events of Civil War. Meanwhile, Marvel was so impressed by this film that they gave the screenwriters and directors the figurative keys to the kingdom, hiring them to write and direct the next two Avengers films back-to-back. In retrospect, Civil War is like an audition for those films, which continued to expand the cast, pay off earlier films, and balance stellar superhero action with emotional resonance.

      Thus, Civil War successfully launched "Phase 3" of the MCU with an intelligent, deeply character-based, deconstructionist superhero film, setting the stage for the next slate of Marvel films to keep pushing boundaries, deconstructing the genre, subverting expectations, and breaking nearly every box office record.

      By the end of the Phase, many long-established characters had left the series, and the new additions were increasingly diverse. Bold narrative choices, increased diversity and its contribution Disney's box office dominance increasingly earned Marvel Studios the ire of the vocal toxic minority of fans. Despite what they may argue, none of Marvel's exemplary blockbuster storytelling would be possible without the supportive safety net of Disney's pop culture dominance in the late-'10s. Toxic fans are free to argue for safe, unchallenging, undiverse blockbusters. Meanwhile, the rest of us enjoy the great entertainment that the MCU consistently provides.

      That is 26 cameos in 40 films. That bumps Civil War to fourteenth in the viewing order. Phase One 1.