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Fear nothing, madam," he said, looking as if he could have annihilated the whole German force with his own invincible arm. It was unexpected youth, surging up anew after its temporary check, and bringing with it hope, and the invincible instinct towards self-delight. It was an important sum, therefore, which the captain risked in his invincible obstinacy. But a voice behind me, the unmistakable voice of Wolf Larsen, strong with the invincible certitude of the man and mellow with appreciation of the words he was quoting, aroused me.

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The two years that had elapsed since Tarzan had come out of the savage forest with his rescued mate had witnessed slight diminution of the mighty powers that had made him the invincible lord of the jungle. If we stayed where we were, our dead would kill us; if we moved out of our defenses, we should no longer be invincible. Those who have carefully attended to its vices and deformities as they have been exhibited by experience or delineated in the course of these papers, must feel invincible repugnancy to trusting the national interests in any degree to its operation. The accident that created Doctor Impossible accelerated his nerve pathways, giving him greater speed and reaction time than a regular human being.


As an inventor and scientist, Doctor Impossible has many gadgets and weapons including sonic grenades, various energy blasters, etc; one of his most useful inventions, though, is the Power Staff which is a zeta-powered weapon capable of a lot of functions. These include - but are not limited to - anti-gravity effects, sleeping gas, force field generation, concussive energy projections, hologram projection, pocket MRI, energy detection and providing an immunity to detection from technology.

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Start a Wiki. Superhuman Powers Superhuman Intelligence Doctor Impossible was already a genius, but the explosion that gave him his powers further augmented his intelligence to superhuman levels; he has an IQ of over and ranks high in the top 18 smartest people in the world.

Superhuman resistance to damage The accident that turned Jonathan into Doctor Impossible not only numbed his skin to a lot of feeling and temperature changes; it also gave him a superhuman level of resistance to injury - he can withstand more physical damage than any normal human.

Superhuman Strength Although Doctor Impossible is not in the 'city wrecker' class of superhuman strength, he is still far stronger than a human being; by his own admission, he is strong enough to tear an ATM machine out of a wall or overturn a semi given enough time.

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